Three years ago I received a phone call from a good friend and colleague, Robert (Soup) Campbell.  By the time that conversation ended we had decided to form a partnership and venture into business together.

During that discussion, we also agreed that we were going to “do the right things for the right reasons” and never once have we wavered from that mantra.

Since then we have had many hours of dialogue that would most likely add up to months of time conversing about business, family, friends, and world events. Some filled with excitement about opportunities, and others about the hard realities that we have faced as new business owners.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears are three words that no longer ring hollow in my ears. I have lived them and now have a profound understanding of what it takes to build something greater than yourself.

I have, at times found myself frustrated, exhausted, and with just one or make that 10, too many irons in the fire.

In June of 2016, I decided to leave the job that I loved to pursue an ambition of creating a top-tier rescue company that would rival the best in the industry.

Leaving the Austin Fire Department, something that I enjoyed and loved so much, was one of the hardest decisions that I ever made. But as I pulled out of the Station 6 for the final time, I have never once looked back or regretted my decision. I do miss the clowns, but not the circus.

Recently a friend of mine called me a sled-dog; meaning that, I’m not happy unless I’m working and pulling from the front. His words ring very true, but I don’t feel burdened, at all. I have chosen this path and made the conscious decision to make RNR Rescue, successful.

As an owner, I believe that it is best to be a leader, and as a leader, I will not ask a member of our team or a student to do anything that I’m unwilling, or incapable of doing myself.

(Hmp, just like a sled-dog, leading from the front. Thanks for that MP, your words meant a lot)

The words above have brought me to this, I have been on the road for the past six weeks, and I have to say that if this is what is to come, then bring it on.

I have shared time with people that I have known for 25 years, and have made friends with some that I will be spending time with 25 years from now.  We may not be hanging on rope in a quarter of a century, but there will be the camaraderie and interesting conversation, to say the least.

My friends and family know that there is nothing I enjoy more than giving back to a community that I am lucky enough to have been a part of for almost three decades, and you will be hard pressed to find a company that cares more about our fellow rescuers then RNR Rescue does.

-Russ Kellar