Safety is paramount with our teams. It is one of our core values and comes first in everything we do. We individually vet our team members for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to the safety and support of our clients. Our teams consist of professional firefighters, emergency medical responders & technicians, and technical rope rescue experts. With decades of training and experience, they can tackle the most complex safety & rescue challenges. 


Industrial Rescue Teams (IRT)

We understand the complexity of Permit Required Confined Space (PRCS) entries, Fall-Protection & Work-at-Height issues, and the OSHA regulations associated with these operations.

We train our rescue teams to NFPA 1006 (2021) and 1670 (2017) standards. They are also highly skilled in PRCS attendant, entry, and rescue operations; emergency medical care; and Incident Command System (ICS). Their knowledge base helps our clients with permitting for any PRCS/Fall Protection/Elevated Rescue issues that may arise.

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Medical Stand-By

Immediate response to trauma or medical emergencies is critical as local emergency services frequently have extended response times and may encounter serious access challenges because of facility protocols. Our rescue technicians are fully trained emergency response personnel, all with qualifications to perform rescue and provide medical treatment if necessary. We are dedicated to overcoming complex challenges aimed at protecting lives and increasing the productivity of our clients. 

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Safety Audits

Our safety specialists can add another level to an already existing safety team, and provide recommendations and direction if an incident occurs. Our teams are well versed in rescue procedures, fall protection, and OSHA Confined Space safety regulations providing an added level of protection. We help our clients find gaps and risks in their current safety program to help them maintain compliance and stop incidents. 

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Confined Space Attendants

If entrants need assistance or an emergency situation develops inside (or outside) a confined space, the attendant is a vital link for proper evacuation and saving lives. Our teams are led by professional firemen who have specific training and experience in industrial safety, OSHA standards and confined space. We are present during the entire work scope, maintain conditions of the safety permit and can stop operations if the permit is violated. 

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Consulting and Safety Planning Services

We combine innovative strategies with functional expertise and technology know-how to help our clients with a variety of safety services. From identifying permit required confined spaces to creating new rescue pre-plans, our consultants have experience with a variety of industries. We put our minds together to deliver the best solutions for your project.

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Gear Assessment / Equipment Needs Survey

Frequently we find that teams are improperly or inadequately equipped to perform the job they’ve been tasked to do. We provide gear assessments and surveys to identify what is missing or needs replacing and make recommendations customized for specific needs.  We even sell that equipment in our online store!  

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