CMC CAPTO Soft Shackle


Provides an attachment point for CAPTO remote resets and device stowage
Compact and low friction for easy installation through CAPTO’s cam axle
Ideally sized for attaching carabiners without risk of looping around cam
Extremely strong and durable: UV stabilized & abrasion resistant Dyneema
Lightweight: 4-6 times lighter than equivalent stainless steel shackles
Soft & safer than metal shackles: no damage to other equipment or people
Can be threaded through narrow gaps, where metal shackles can’t go through
Easy to use, very simple to open & close (no tools like shackle opener required)
No fiddling with bits that can loosen, come apart, or fall out (they float!)


Breaking Strength: 451 kg (994 lbs)
Internal Rope Diameter: 2 mm (.08 in)
External Diameter (D): 3.5 mm (.14 in)
Closed Flat Length (L): 60 mm (2.36 in)
Compressed Thickness (F): 2.7 mm (.11 in)
Ball Knot Diameter (H): 8 mm (.31 in)

Item #: 293005
Product Weight: 1 g (.04 oz)
Color: Black