Safety Solutions

Safety Solutions by RNR Rescue

Experience safety like never before with RNR Rescue’s Safety Solutions. Our dedicated team of professionals, including firefighters, emergency responders, and technical rope rescue experts, brings decades of training and experience to the table. We offer safety audits, consulting services, and gear assessment to ensure your workplace remains secure.
Safety Audits
Ensure workplace safety with RNR Rescue’s Safety Audits. Our thorough assessment evaluates every aspect of your safety procedures. From hazard identification to compliance checks, we provide actionable insights to fortify your safety measures, making your workplace more secure and operating above the standard.

Consulting and Safety Planning Services
RNR Rescue’s Consulting and Safety Planning Services are your blueprint for a safer workplace. Our seasoned experts assess your unique safety challenges, providing customized safety strategies and planning. Ensure a secure environment with our expert guidance.

Gear Assessment / Equipment Needs Survey
At RNR Rescue, we take your safety seriously. Our Gear Assessment and Equipment Needs Survey scrutinizes every piece of safety equipment you rely on. We identify areas for improvement, suggest upgrades, and guarantee that your gear meets the highest safety standards.

PPE Inspections
Allow RNR to inspect your equipment for you! Our inspectors are certified through the Petzl Technical Institute with specialized training and expertise in the specific standards and regulations governing harnesses and rope rescue equipment. Their knowledge ensures a thorough and accurate assessment, reducing the risk of oversight or error.
Our inspectors provide an impartial evaluation of the equipment. They are not directly involved in the use or procurement of the equipment, which reduces the potential for bias in the inspection process. This impartiality is essential for objectively assessing¬†the equipment’s condition. Allowing RNR to conduct inspections also adds an extra layer of accountability. In the event of an incident or accident, demonstrating that equipment was regularly inspected by an independent third party can help mitigate liability and provide assurance that all reasonable measures were taken to ensure safety.
Upon completion of the inspection of your equipment, we will provide you with detailed documentation of the inspection process, findings, and any recommendations for maintenance or replacement. This documentation is valuable for record-keeping purposes and can serve as evidence of due diligence in safety practices.