Rescue & Safety Services

Welcome to RNR Rescue, where safety comes first. We provide top-tier safety and rescue services that go beyond the NFPA and OSHA Standards. With a team of dedicated professionals, including Firefighters, Emergency Medical Responders, and Technical Rope Rescue experts, we ensure your life and organization is in capable hands.

Whether you require Industrial Rescue, specialized Training, or Safety Solutions tailored to your needs, RNR Rescue is here to deliver. Your safety is our unwavering focus, and we invite you to explore the world of safety excellence with us.


Ensuring safety in complex industrial environments is in our DNA. As an experienced team of trained professionals for critical rescue operations, we understand the importance of rapid and efficient solutions in high-risk settings. Learn more about how we can serve you.


Tailored to your industry’s specific needs, our Training Services provide hands-on learning experiences. From industrial protocols to emergency response, we design training that meets your unique requirements, making safety second nature. After all, safety is not just a priority; it’s a culture we cultivate.


Discover a suite of safety solutions designed to safeguard your workplace. From risk assessment to emergency response planning, our Safety Solutions offer a holistic approach to enhancing safety and minimizing hazards. Our innovative solutions, expert guidance, and cutting-edge technologies ensure your peace of mind.