CMC Proswivel 2.0″ PMP Single Swivel Pulley

  • New models certified to NFPA standards including a more efficient 2” option
  • Combined swivel & pulley reduces system length, allowing more travel
  • Pivoting sideplate allows rope loading without disconnecting from anchor
  • Double-action detent button prevents accidental opening of the sideplate
  • Sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency
  • Rotating swivel aligns rope with the direction of pull
  • Swivel can be secured using rope, web, or carabiners
  • Ergonomic design for anchoring and loading with one hand
  • CNC machined for optimal strength & weight
  • Prusik minding options facilitate progress capture
  • Double sheave pulleys equipped with integrated becket
  • Compatible with rope up to 13 mm (1/2 in)
  • 1.5″ PMP SS Pulley is compatible with rope or wire cable
  • Ideal for rescue, work at height, and tree care
  • Patented, USA Made, time-tested, and proven


300437, 349 G (12.3 OZ) SINGLE SHEAVE ALUMINUM 148 X 76 MM (5.8 X 3.0 IN) BRONZE / SLATE GENERAL USE 36 KN (8,093 LBF)